NIIFT is an Organization with governing body of group of people associate with a trust. The administration is a well stable and takes the sole responsibility of all the students in the institute. It also has a Board of Advisors eminent academic Experts, Professionals, Guides, who helps in different fields.
Er. Jayanta Ku. Mishra Chairman, U.M.E.C.TRUST,Director, N.I. I. F.T.
Ms Nibedita Dash Secretary cum Managing Trustee
Mrs. Bishnu Priya Das, MPhil Trustee
Mrs Subhalaxmi Dhala, MBA Trustee
Ms. Renubala Mahanta , BT Trustee
Mr. Pardip Kumar  Kar, MA Advisor
Mr. Hari hara Mishra, ER. Advisor
Mr. Bana Bihari Das, CA. Advisor
Mr. Biswabhusan Dhal, MBA Advisor
Dr. B.N.Otta, PHD Advisor
Dr. Ajay Ku. Pattanaik, MBBS Advisor
Mr. Pardip Kumar Dash,MBA Advisor
Ms. Gitashree Priyambada Advisor
Mr. Rajiv Kumar Mahanta, MALLB Legal Advisor
Mr. Muralidhar Sahoo,MALLB Legal Advisor
Mrs. Bishnu Priya Das Principal
Ms Nibedita Dash Operational Manager
Mrs Subhalaxmi Dhal Career Counseller
Mr. Biswabhusan Dhal Marketing Manager
Mr. Dilip Kumar Kar Marketing Executive
Er. Jayanta Ku. Mishra Training Co-ordinator
Mr. Basant Kumar Placement Co-ordinator
Mr. Nihar Ranjan Mohapatro Librarian
Mrs. Subhalaxmi Mohapatra Hostel Superintend
Mr. Soraj Kumar Amanta Office Assistance
Mr. Tapan Kumar Jena House Keeping
Mrs. Bishnupriya Das
Ms. Renubala Mahan
Mrs. Anima Das
Ms. Nibedita Dash
Mrs. Krushna Mahalik
Ms. Bishnu priya Guru
Mrs. Anima Ghose
Ms. Meenaskhi
Ms. Gayatri
Mr. Bikas Ku. Jena
Mr. Suryakanta Maharana
Mr. Pradip kumar Dash
Mr. Krishna Dash
Mr. Suryanarayan
Ms. Prachi Parimita Panda
  1. Dr. Fanindum Singhdeo (Principal)
  2. Dr. Supriya Chatarji (Prof. in English)
  3. Ms. Gitashree Priyambada (Lect. In Education)
  4. Mr. Bighneswar Sahu (Principal)
  5. Mr. Kishore Ch. Pradhan (Principal)
  6. Mr. Aswini Ku. Acharya (Head Clerk)
  7. Mr. Lingaraj Behera (Principal)
  8. Mr. Balabhadra Dash (Lect. In English)
  9. Mr. Bibeka Behera (Lect. In Economics)
  10. Mr.Susant Sekhar Mangaraj (Principal)
  11. Dr. Promad Ku. Rath (Prof. in English)
  12. Mr. Sibabrata Mohallik.(Deputy Manager, SBT)
  13. Dr.Prasant Ku Kar.(Senior,Medical Officer,IMFA)
  14. Mr. Pranab Ku. Kar
  15. Mr. Kishalaya Nanda
  16. Mr. Suryamani Mishra
   Dear Students,

Welcome to you at Niift, providing a wide and increasing range of opportunities for students to acquire the knowledge and skills essential for success in the emerging designing field. It identifies, high quality education, programs, training and seminars to fulfill the carrier needs of the youth. Our students have achieved an impressive record, getting high salary and securing stimulating position at companies across the country. The key to their success is their talent and the ability represents their views in such a manner which help to connect with the world around them.

Today, the world is full of creative and is driving the demand for creative people in almost all the Industry. Niift is really the place to enter the world of creative. I on behalf of all my board of members, associates, faculty members and community of students welcome you.

We wish you all the Best.

Er. Jayanta Ku. Mishra

   Dear Students,

Welcome, Niift with the new generation thought to shape up the imagination of the knowledge and to transfer that into reality. It provides educational aspects with combine aspects of career and Job. Traditional Courses are no longer able to fulfill the aspiration of the youth to fulfill the organization needs. The new trends in education and modern technology in the world of design, to impact such knowledge is the key of success of the students and Niift is such place which fulfill the above.

Niift is equipped with a pool of technical experts and academician in experience, who will not only impart quality learning but also function as mentors for the students. Highly regarded professors of different fields are there for infusing the right kind of input to the students.

I wish you to become a partner in our endeavor to make the institute with its extension campus one of the best in the world.

Ms. Nibedita Dash

   Dear Students,

Success is the offspring of a plan well executed our ambition and aspiration will be fruitful when we work with a sense of direction, i.e. a good plan of action strictly adhered to. Today the work environment is changing rapidly. To meet the new challenges, ultra modern technology should be learnt, digested and manifested. Thus constant learning process and upgrading nourishes new pattern of thinking and help expanding creativity. Hence the importance of learning on designing is an on-going process to enhance the real know how and skill of a student for the promotion of individual and organizational performance.

Let me greet you at the beginning of an academic journey towards the goal of a rewardingly prosperous career.

Mrs. Bishnu Priya Das